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Our Vision for the next five (5) years is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as the Spirit of God would enable us by His grace. We are praying and trusting the Lord to add to His body the church millions of souls through the ministry of pgall.

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We provide articles and brochures and books as tools for evangelism and home fellowship. You can read for personal inspiration our weekly Bible verses, Bible study materials and many more. You can also post your questions and prayer requests through our site. We plan in the future to provide bible teachings online, and video clips of church services across the world.

We provide links through our website for Christians looking for Bible searches, commentaries and other resources either for personal studies or for ministry.

You can book airlines and cruises and all your travel needs at: securely from our site.

INVITATIONS: PGAll accepts invitations from Christian organizations all over the world to disciple believers, to teach and equip christian leaders, train God's people for evangelism, organize crusades and conferences. We also offer counseling and other biblical support.

ORPHANAGES: We plan in the near future to set up orphanages in places where there are great need for them. We are in the initial planning stages of this program.

HOME FELLOWSHIPS: PGAll provides all kinds of coverage and help for the establishment and maintenance of all home fellowships such as discpling, training, and equipping for leadership.

Tools for Evangelism: Available to you is our well-designed and the most comprehensive evangelistic tool on the market: "A Second Chance." This is a 146 page book written in everyday language and contains all that a person needs to know to be saved. Individuals can order free copies and also purchase large quantities at a discount rate through this site . This book is accurate, simple, easy to read and easy to understand and Bible based.

We strongly advise you read this book first yourself to familiarize yourself with its contents so that you may be in a better position to help others who may come to you for further help. At the moment we have this book only in English, but we hope as the Lord opens the door, to expand into other languages for the benefit of all.

You can also order "A Second Chance" and other books from most bookstores across the world or order directly from us.